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Reading at the Beach…

I planned to read some serious books this summer. I didn’t succeed.
The telephone rang, “Wanna have lunch?”, “Sure!” When I was packing for the beach and pool, the serious books didn’t go in the bag, I just couldn’t. I’ll finish reading them soon!
We had a great time, and I only got sunburned in a couple of streaks near my swimsuit edges. We burn so easily we always slather on the sunscreen! Can anyone guess where we were? It was far from the settings for these two books, and I did not pack a sweater.

Here’s what I read by the beach!

Debbie Macomber’s, If Not for You
Wouldn’t every girl with a controlling mother love to have an Aunt Sunshine? Beth Prudhomme is enjoying living across the country near her aunt, being independent, making a difference as a public high school music teacher, paying for her first small apartment, and making new friends in a new town. So when a friend sets her up on a blind date, at least it’s the first date her mother hadn’t chosen for her. The sad thing is that as Beth and her blind date, Sam, are escaping the awkward date, Beth is T-boned by a texting driver. Sam sees the whole accident, calls 9-1-1, and holds her hand, talking with her until help arrives, calming her and probably keeping her from going into shock.

Some reviewers have expressed disbelief that a blind date would visit someone he’d just met, but I disagree. With my certification in CPR and first aid, I’ve helped with a few accidents before the emergency personnel came, but the time I knew the injured person shook me up the most and drew me closer to the person. (A big “Thank You!” to all our first responders.) I thought it was interesting that this book was based upon a true story.

The only thing that struck me as unbelievable in this book was the lack of discussion about insurance, always a major topic after one’s car is totaled by another driver, even without the hospitalization issues. That one practical matter aside, this was a book filled with multiple layers of personal relationships, one of the reasons I like Debbie Macomber’s books. #Romance, #Kindness, #Forgiveness

My other beach book was one I picked up at Good Will, so it’s a bit older, 2013, but still an interesting read, Barbara Delinsky’s Sweet Salt Air. It is about a food blogger, Nicole, and her childhood friend, Charlotte, a travel writer, working together on a cookbook, so it was of obvious interest to me. Yet there’s much more to this story than a typical beach novel. For starters, it’s on an island called Quinnipeague, off the coast of Maine—they actually have to wear sweaters in the summer! Along with discussions of organic and local real food, delectably plated by Nicole the food blogger, the importance of herbs (I’m all in!) and feeding your eyes as well as your taste buds, there are bigger issues: faith, trust, Multiple Sclerosis, possible use of cord blood for treatment, friendship, forgiveness… The local lore about the deceased island herbalist made me want to go cook something, while the insinuations about her bad-boy turned hermit son are a reminder that all may not be what it seems. My one disappointment with this book was the last page—I would have preferred something warmer and fuzzier. Still, an enjoyable and intriguing book!

I hope you find a great weekend to relax and enjoy reading one of these books!

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