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Hello from Sally!

Hi there, Mom says she’s been having a bit of writer’s block lately, which I think means she is playing with her sewing machine, digging in her garden, or walking my sister Buffy and me instead of writing. Anyway, Mom said I could fill you in on what Buffy and I have been doing since we came to live here in November.

We are puppy dogs, so of course we like to run, play and chew. We like to run laps in the backyard, right over Mom’s Lenten roses and lilies, but we’ve learned to stay out of the vegetable garden most of the time. Buffy got in trouble for digging holes and I’m ashamed to admit I helped a few times. Mom washes us up when we get muddy, and I don’t like that at all. She’s always a little grumpy when we’re muddy, so she must not like it either. We’re learning what we shouldn’t chew, but it’s hard–the world is so full of yummy things!

My favorite spot during meals is between the table legs and Mom’s feet. I figured out pretty quickly that Dad makes yummy breakfast samiches, and if I’m quick, I can sit up and lick his fingers before he wastes it all on a napkin. Buffy is finally figuring this out, and tries to come over too. It’s my spot though, and I sit there whenever I can.

I have enjoyed Mom and Dad being home during the day. I don’t understand why everything changed–they used to be at work almost every day, but now they’re home every day. We love the extra walks and the days are a lot more interesting with them around.

I’ve enjoyed writing this, but I’m very tired and ready for a nap. Nighty-night!

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