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Dale Goes to Jail… But He thinks He’s at Camp and Makes Some Art

Dale, the big blind Labrador, had been a naughty boy. Very naughty.  The Dog Mom needed a break from Dale.  So, Dale went to Jail.  It wasn’t actually Jail.  It was more like a three-week playdate with his dog-cousin Ivy, at our daughter Sarah’s house.  “Dale goes to Jail” was a bit of a family… Continue reading Dale Goes to Jail… But He thinks He’s at Camp and Makes Some Art

Family History

Friends Before Furniture (every time!)

There's a furniture store chain with a new ad campaign which starts with a young couple standing in their dining room complaining, "We can't have our friends over with this outdated furniture!," although it's their turn to host.  The ad follows with enticing deals and colorful photos of modern dining, living and bedroom furniture, then… Continue reading Friends Before Furniture (every time!)

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After Dinner Gardening and finding Hydrangeas

We enjoy the longer days of spring and summer with walks after dinner and sometimes, a little time in the backyard garden afterwards.  To make it work, I start the prep work for dinner ahead of time:  chopping vegetables, starting brown rice,  thawing chicken or fish, and picking any herbs we might need.  Once Mr.… Continue reading After Dinner Gardening and finding Hydrangeas

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Thrift Shopping and… Finding New Favorite Books

Many of my friends know I enjoy shopping at Goodwill and other thrift stores around town. I donate plenty of things to them as well. Years ago, I had some qualms about shopping there—was I taking from the needy with my fun treasure hunts? I no longer feel that way—it’s like a great recycling center,… Continue reading Thrift Shopping and… Finding New Favorite Books

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Roses and Mother’s Day Traditions

There are many celebrations of  motherhood around the world, going back even thousands of years. In the United States, “Mother’s Day” was first celebrated in 1908 at St. Andrews Methodist church in West Virginia, by Anna Jarvis to honor her own mother, Anna R. Jarvis, who addressed public health issues, and cared for injured soldiers on… Continue reading Roses and Mother’s Day Traditions