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Freedom, Faith and Community

Recently I was asked to be an early reader for this book, receiving an advanced copy from Kensingington books in a GoodReads give-away, but these opinions are all my own. On GoodReads, I did a regular book review, but if you're a regular reader, you know I usually tell a personal story here! I thoroughly… Continue reading Freedom, Faith and Community

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Just a friend…Or…

A Review of Falling for the Cowboy Dad, a novel by Patricia Johns... "Heartwarming" is an excellent description of this book! I'm sure many readers can relate to Grace, the young teacher who thinks she isn't slim enough, pretty enough or vivacious enough to attract the attention of Billy, her best friend since they were… Continue reading Just a friend…Or…

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Being Good Neighbors

Biographies are not my favorite books to read, but as soon as Maxwell King's biography of Mr. Rogers came out, I knew I would be reading it soon!  Watching Mr. Rogers was a special part of my day as a child, and as an adult with my children.  His segments on how things are made… Continue reading Being Good Neighbors

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A Thoughtful Book…

I recently read Debbie Macomber’s new novel, Cottage by the Sea. I reserved this book at the library as soon as I saw it on the new book list. I had to wait a bit to get it, but it was worth the wait. Debbie Macomber is one of my favorite writers, and this book… Continue reading A Thoughtful Book…

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We are all alike, but all different… and all the variety makes a beautiful whole!

Just as it took many scraps of yarn, with varied colors and textures to make this colorful shawl, we all come together to make a beautiful world. All Children Are Beautiful.