Preserved Lemons

For use in salads, vegetables, pastas or relishesPhoto on 4-2-18 at 9.25 PM
Use sparingly, no more than 1/4 in most dishes, rinsed.  Pulp removal optional.

3-4 medium or large lemons
5 tablespoons sea  or kosher salt, divided
1/2 cup lemon juice (minimum)
cleaned mayonnaise jar with plastic lid or mason jar

  1. Cut lemons into quarters, lengthwise, leaving about 1/4″ intact at bottom.
  2.   Add  1 tablespoon salt into clean jar.  Add lemons.  Cover with lid and shake until salt is distributed.  Freeze 8 hours or overnight.
  3.   Add 4 remaining tablespoons salt to jar.  Cover and shake.  Remove lid.  Press lemons down with wooden spoon, releasing juices.  Add enough lemon juice to cover lemons.  Secure lid and refrigerate.
  4. Following 6-7 days:  Shake jar daily to distribute salt, pressing down lemons with wooden spoon afterwards if necessary to keep them submerged.  Salt should fully dissolve during this period.
  5. Store in refrigerator up to 6 months, if they last that long.  Lemons may darken slightly or have a white film that washes off with water.