Labradors and Friends

Dogs, Zucchini, and Getting Along! A Blast from the Past…

As I’ve been looking over the Dale and Maggie journal, I’ve been realizing how far we’ve come, from the huge blind dog who didn’t know where he was, and was just learning our voices.  He liked Maggie pretty quickly, although she wasn’t too crazy about him at first.  Here’s a little blast from my journal for your Throwback Thursday…

Sunday, 9/18/16 Surprise of the day-Dale likes raw zucchini! I was trying out my new Veggetti, making a side dish of zucchini and carrot noodles for dinner. Dale was at my elbow the minute I got them out of the fridge, and “the Maggs-ter” was there as soon as I pulled the carrots out, but Maggie does not care for zucchini at all. With Dale’s extra-large size, it’s a good thing the countertops in this house are a bit high!  (Although so far, Dale has had good manners in the kitchen….)

Monday 9/19/16 After a crazy day at work, immediately followed by a AMIS Communications Committee meeting, I didn’t get home to let the dogs out until 4:00! Both of our old doggies were very happy to see me, and a bit anxious to go outside, but no puddles on the floor. A banner day!  Sarah texted later that this calls for a celebration. I agree, but Lucy and I have Spanish class tonight.  IMG_2618

(But John is home alone with the dogs…) As I was about to hop into the shower tonight, John thought he heard Maggie whining. He went downstairs to check. She had been happily hanging out in the kitchen with Dale, and hadn’t realized we’d gone up to bed. We’re glad they’re getting along!

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