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Dale and Maggie and the Great Big Knock

It’s “Throwback Thursday,” so here’s a trip back only about eight months ago, from notes in my doggie journal…

By now, two and a half years after coming to live with us, thumbnail-3Dale is a well-adjusted, happy blind dog, and Maggie puts up with him, most of the time. One night we walked before dinner, and the dogs were sleeping halfway under the table. Mr. H finished his dinner, stretched, and said, “well that was good!” Dale, the great, big, 95# Labrador, stretched and wagged his tremendous tail, beating a happy “Brr-rr-rrink, Brr-rr-rronk!” on the spindle-back chair. Maggie, ever the faithful watchdog, despite her small size, awoke with a start at Dale’s IMG_E2601happy rhythm, instantly barking at the intruder who was obviously knocking at the door! Dale joined the alert, bumping into both our chairs, barking, growling and sounding “Brr-rr-Brr-rrink, Brr-rr-Brr-rronk!” on the table and chair legs! “Yee-Oww!” I shrieked, when Dale’s foot stamped on my toes, as we tried to comfort both dogs. “It’s just Dale’s tail!” It was no use. They growled and barked furiously at the laundry room door, Dale hopping up and down to get at him, sure the dangerous intruder was about to come in. Finally, my husband managed to get the door open so both dogs could barrel into the back yard. They ran around, Dale bumping into a few things, sniffed thoroughly for squirrels, rabbits and other such intruders, then Maggie yapped and Dale ruffed to come in. From then on, it was a quiet evening.

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