Labradors and Friends

Dale Shuffles Papers While I Buy Shoes

A Throwback Thursday just for you, from about six weeks after Dale came to live with us.  If you don’t know Dale’s story, please see earlier Maggie and Dale posts, but  it’s safe to say that this old blind dog had a rough life before he was rescued…

Mr. H. was working on medical filing. At least, I think it was medical filing. He gets very serious about filing, what he can get rid of (shred), what must be kept (as little as possible), where to file it (where I can’t find it! Not entirely true, it just takes me a while). When my husband is filing, I go cook something! Or even better, go shop, especially for shoes.  Shoes are the hardest thing for me, because they have to be both comfortable and stylish…it takes a while.  (Anything to get out of the way during filing, ha!  ha!)

Dale the lap dog!

So, Mr. H. was filing…Dale decided to help! Let’s just say that Dale is quite a paper shuffler!  But, while those huge paws were making a mess, Dale decided to settle down eventually.   When I got home, Maggie came to investigate, moved a few papers herself, checking for hidden snacky–snacks, most likely.

I had a great time shoe shopping, and we have absolute proof that Mr. H. really, really, really loves Dale!!!  (Looks like it’s mutual.)

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