Labradors and Friends

Meet My New Grand-Dog!

Here he is, Max the new dog in our family. Daughter Sarah and her husband thought Ivy needed a doggy friend, and they found Max at their local dog shelter. He’s a bit older than a puppy, but still has tremendous energy and needs a bit of training. He’s had his teeth cleaned and a routine doggie surgery, and he’s well on his way to being a good dog!

Max loves playing with the ball, his chew toys and going for walks with Ivy and his people. Ivy, like any typical big sister, mostly tolerates him, but when he was at the vet’s, she sat by the door waiting for him to come home. Ivy definitely appreciates the extra snacks, as when Max is a good boy, Ivy gets a treat too.

Mr. H and I are missing our two old dogs, Maggie and Dale. There’s nothing like having a dog happy to greet you the second you open the door. It probably won’t be long until we find our next one, but for now, I’m enjoying our grand-dogs!

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