Labradors and Friends

Who is that Doggie in the Mirror?

It’s been a little over a year since we adopted Sally and her sister Buffy from Atlanta Lab Rescue. They’re doing pretty well, and have enjoyed having two (and sometimes more) walks a day since I’ve been home more since March. Buffy, the smaller one, but definitely the alpha, always wants to be first, and would gladly forage through the woods for food, then come back and clean her bowl, then Sally’s, and expect more treats. Sally, the fluffy white one, is still pretty shy, but will enjoy cuddling up once she’s comfortable, and is still afraid of doors and loud noises. (We’re convinced the previous owner must have slammed a door on her.) At the ripe old age of at least two, we thought they were used to most things, but when our neighbors put an extra-large plate glass mirror with their trash, they first barked at the new dogs, and then were curious and entertained. It was too cold to stay outside long, and thank goodness the discovery of “new friends” was made after our walk. Sally and Buffy would have gladly stayed and played with the doggies in the mirror!

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