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Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day is a day we take each year to gather with friends and family, kick back and relax, and enjoy being together. Historically, it’s a time to honor people who work, whether by earning a paycheck or by volunteering, and doing good for others.

Some people have the knack for earning money, followed, of course, by personal industry and discipline to follow through, plan their saving and spending, and become prosperous, then create organizations that do good. Others have the gift of teaching, whether it’s volunteering with a scout troop or kid’s sports teams, Middle School teachers helping discouraged preteens realize they’re smart or teachers who help shy preschoolers learn to sing out proud or draw a recognizable image. The hairstylist who tames my wild mane has the gifts of a true artist, with the discipline to learn the skills of her trade. Some of the kids who love playing sports become physical therapists as adults, using some of the skills of their recreation, with much learning and discipline, become a job. The world is full of creative people doing good things.

One person who is very dear to me, Mr. H., delivered the Prayer of Thanksgiving on People and Gifts.  With his permission, I’m sharing it with you here.

On this Sunday of Labor Day weekend I offer thanks for this church, its people and their gifts.

I thank you, Lord, for all those gathered here in Your church. For their dedication and commitment to this body. As well, we are thankful for those who are not with us this Labor Day weekend as they are traveling. We pray for your traveling mercies to carry them safely to their destination.

I am also very thankful for the gifts that these people, Your servants and my fellow congregants, have and have chosen to share. Whether it is helping to plan and organize these Worship services, guide use of Outreach funds, direct management of this Church’s finances, or so many other functions these people’s gifts are evident in all aspects of this Church’s life.

Thank you for all these, your Saints.

In your Holy name we pray, amen.

On this Labor Day weekend, I hope you have great times with family and friends, yummy cookouts and watch some good football. If you’re having a last pool party may the raindrops stay away. I’m thankful for you and the many and different gifts we have and the ways we use them. Happy Labor Day, and welcome to the crisp Fall weather!

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