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Happy New Year… from Dale the Dog!

Dale the Labrador here, writing to wish you a very happy 2019, as I always have a tremendous opinion about everything, especially if a snacky-snack is part of the conversation. My “dog mom” Patricia, is typing for me, since it is very difficult when you have paws and no thumbs at all! Let me tell you about our year, which was full of good walks and naps for Maggie and me…

Maggie is older and smaller than me, but she can see better. (Mom calls Maggie her “Mini-Lab” but I don’t know why.) We make a good team, unless I bump into Maggie too hard. Mom and Dad are enjoying living here in this house that Dad grew up in, but this year they’ve only done DIY projects, like painting, carpet removal and floor refinishing. Dad says it makes things nicer but there’s no workers around for me to bark at, and Maggie goes skating without the carpet. They’ve said replacing the “roof, roof” was next, but I thought saying “roof” was the Labrador’s job (Maggie helps say “roof” too). I’m just glad they haven’t moved any furniture—that’s important to an old blind dog. Mom and Dad’s daughter Lucy is enjoying her second year in her apartment, but she comes to visit Maggie and me a lot. Sometimes she stays with us when Mom and Dad are out of town. Lucy is a fabulous hairdresser at a place called Siggers, but it’s for people, not dogs.

One of my favorite parts of 2018 was our trip when Mom & Dad’s other daughter Sarah got her Master’s degree. Maggie and I piled into the car for the trip, even though we stayed at Sarah’s house with her dog Ivy while she walked at graduation. (We all went for a walk around the neighborhood afterwards, so it was OK.) Sarah’s husband Brian is one of my favorite people. We like visiting them a lot—I call it Dog Camp when I stay a while, like when they went to Phoenix, and St. Simons this year.

So, you see, 2018, was not a year of many changes, but it was a very good year. We wish many tremendously good things for you in 2019!
Love, Dale the Big Blind Lab
Maggie the “mini-Lab”

Maggie likes tennis balls…sometimes.

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