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What do I do with this Wedding Dress?

One of the things I inherited from my sister, who died just before the booster shots came out, was her wedding gown from her first wedding when I was her flower girl. Janice's dress was beautiful, heavy silk with lace applique and hand-beaded trim, ordered from the Atlanta Macy's bridal shop, which was a big… Continue reading What do I do with this Wedding Dress?

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The Wedding has been Celebrated! The “sewing factory” returns to “sewing suite,” and the baby bird has flown…

Most engaged couples of the past few years have had to wait. The brides and grooms scheduled for 2020 had to reschedule their nuptials, sometimes two or more times. Our youngest daughter Lucy and her Alex became engaged Fall of 2021, yet there just were not any openings in local event facilities. Every place they… Continue reading The Wedding has been Celebrated! The “sewing factory” returns to “sewing suite,” and the baby bird has flown…

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A look back to Princess Elizabeth becoming Queen

The full title of this book, The Gown, A Novel of the Royal Wedding, by Jennifer Robson, includes a dressmaker's view of Queen Elizabeth’s wedding, including the duties in the bride's and bridesmaids' dressing rooms and viewing the wedding itself. This book is primarily about common people, dressmakers and embroiders, who sewed Princess Elizabeth's gown… Continue reading A look back to Princess Elizabeth becoming Queen

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Bells Toll for Elizabeth II

Like many of us, I got up early this morning to watch Queen Elizabeth's funeral. It was a respectful moment I considered not to be missed. For the majority of living people, she has always been The Queen. One of Elizabeth's Crown rested on her casket, along with the scepter, a symbol of authority and… Continue reading Bells Toll for Elizabeth II

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Button, button, who collected all these buttons?

I have been sewing a lot lately, and not blogging very often, even though I think of many things I want to say. Just a portion of our merged button stashes… When I sew, I miss my sister Janice, who passed away last Fall. She was an amazing seamstress and quilter. I received all her… Continue reading Button, button, who collected all these buttons?

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Flowers in Winter

Clockwise from top left: Lenten Rose, Christmas Cactus, orchid closeup and plant, rose mix, Lenten rose, amaryllis. Flowers are a simple thing that bring a lot of joy. When it’s chilly out, I enjoy looking for the first signs of Lenten roses, ducking their heavy heads below their sturdy leaves and a layer of pine… Continue reading Flowers in Winter

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Missing My Sister, My Heart Hurts

As a few of my readers know, my older sister passed away last month, due to COVID. She and her husband were immunized, so when she first got sick, she thought it was the flu. When they tested positive, they were told to go home and quarantine, which they did. When she called her physician… Continue reading Missing My Sister, My Heart Hurts

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Hanging Out, a book review of We Need to Hang Out, by Billy Baker

I became interested in this book after reading Dave Shiflett's February 4 review in The Wall Street Journal. COVID has made both 2020 and 2021 strange times, with so many of us at home, others working harder, wearing masks, and getting by. We all miss seeing faces, smiles, and being with people. It's getting better… Continue reading Hanging Out, a book review of We Need to Hang Out, by Billy Baker

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It’s Time for Parties on the Porch! a book review

Whiskey in a Teacup: What Growing Up in the South Taught Me About Life, Love, and Baking Biscuits by Reese Witherspoon This is a delightful book about growing up and being a younger adult in the southern United States. It leans a little bit towards the silver-spoon side (for instance, my family's road trips were in… Continue reading It’s Time for Parties on the Porch! a book review

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Hidden Figures

I was saddened last week to hear of the death of Katherine Johnson, one of the human "computers," women with math degrees who worked for NACA, which became NASA, aiding the development of the space program, during the 40's, 50's and 60's. Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and others worked at Langley Field West Computers; the… Continue reading Hidden Figures

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The Puppies Are Here! Sally and Buffy are Home.

I have been just a little bit distracted lately. We got back from Singapore (more on that in my next post), with two weeks of laundry to do, doctor and dentist appointments, evening meetings and, oh, yes, work, when we hear that Atlanta Lab Rescue is having an adoption event Sunday afternoon. We look up… Continue reading The Puppies Are Here! Sally and Buffy are Home.

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The Piano Tuner and the Missing Ring

Even when one is many years past high school graduation, a class ring is a special thing. Even though I might only wear it to reunion parties, it holds a lot of memories. Terry the Piano Tuner came to my house this week, tuned my piano, listened, knew where to look, and found my class… Continue reading The Piano Tuner and the Missing Ring

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Love that Multiplies!

A Review of Patricia Johns' Her Twins' Cowboy Dad... This was a very enjoyable book, especially the twins, Micha and Suzie, just as cute as in the picture on the cover, whose antics will have you laughing every time they're on the page! The girls and their mother, Jane Marshall, have been summoned to the… Continue reading Love that Multiplies!

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A Tale of Dale

How does one tell a story about an old, blind, rambunctious dog like Dale? I guess we start at the beginning, at least, the beginning for us. Our "mini-Lab" Maggie was 12 & 1/2, and taking the stairs a little more slowly. Maggie enjoyed time with our recently married daughter's dog Ivy, so we thought… Continue reading A Tale of Dale

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Maggie’s Story

Maggie was an unusual variety of rescue dog--a puppy, only eight weeks old! Her mother was one of two black Labrador rescues, adopted by the same family, who had neglected to have both dogs spayed as required. There was a male black Lab in the neighborhood, who was presumed to have jumped the fence, but… Continue reading Maggie’s Story

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Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day, a day of remembering, going to parades, waving flags, applying and reapplying sunscreen, listening to speeches and quietly giggling when you notice the person next to you nodding off, maybe going to the pool... My favorite tradition is accompanying Mr. H. as he plays the tuba with Atlanta Concert Band at the National… Continue reading Happy Memorial Day!

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Tomorrow I pick up my vegetable box…

Last year we joined a CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture, joining with a bi-weekly plan. Every other week, starting in May, I go pick up a box in the next small town, the boxes gently tucked under an awning at a church to keep them cool. I often go with a neighbor, which… Continue reading Tomorrow I pick up my vegetable box…

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Freedom, Faith and Community

Recently I was asked to be an early reader for this book, receiving an advanced copy from Kensingington books in a GoodReads give-away, but these opinions are all my own. On GoodReads, I did a regular book review, but if you're a regular reader, you know I usually tell a personal story here! I thoroughly… Continue reading Freedom, Faith and Community

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We always had fig bushes at my parents’ house. Grandmother Irene and Mama both loved them, making more preserves than we could eat or give away. I would say, “Mama, could we please have some grape jelly from the store? Please?”
My friends and I all knew how to pick the best fresh figs for a healthy afternoon snack that didn’t spoil our dinners–we peeled them by pulling on the stem and ate them right by the bush. Mama didn’t know and we didn’t wash our hands! As an adult, I learned to enjoy figs with savory foods, like in a salad or on a cheese board, but Mama kept making and giving away her preserves…she even used them as a fund-raising project when she was “Queen” of her Eastern Star Chapter.
I agree with Sabra about covering your skin when picking them–those prickly leaves do make one itch! Today, I enjoy figs when I can get them…we’re trying to revive the old fig tree we cut back after moving here a few years ago. Hopefully this year, there will be enough figs for us and the birds!

Later, Miss Slater

looking through my kitchen window

I notice my fig bush has grown
several feet since last summer

I can no longer pull down the top limbs
to harvest the ripe, brown fruit

when contemplating my figs, I usually think of
Middle Eastern markets, hillsides, and biblical stories

but today, I think of my mother
and her two great fig bushes

she canned fig preserves
delicious on her homemade, buttered biscuits

even the butter was homemade
when we lived on the farm

but the fig bush I thought of today 
was the one behind her well house

on the barren place we bought
after selling the farm

when lightning struck and killed her fig bush
she never planted another

to my surprise, she said she was allergic to the bush
and would get figs from friends

now it comes to me
I know what she meant

I’ve learned to suit-up with…

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Just a friend…Or…

A Review of Falling for the Cowboy Dad, a novel by Patricia Johns... "Heartwarming" is an excellent description of this book! I'm sure many readers can relate to Grace, the young teacher who thinks she isn't slim enough, pretty enough or vivacious enough to attract the attention of Billy, her best friend since they were… Continue reading Just a friend…Or…

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Happy New Year… from Dale the Dog!

Dale the Labrador here, writing to wish you a very happy 2019, as I always have a tremendous opinion about everything, especially if a snacky-snack is part of the conversation. My “dog mom” Patricia, is typing for me, since it is very difficult when you have paws and no thumbs at all! Let me tell… Continue reading Happy New Year… from Dale the Dog!

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The Duck Went Flying…

Turkey is just not our favorite food for Thanksgiving, aside from a couple of family members being allergic to it.  We know it's traditional and we're "supposed" to like it, and it's just what you eat for that particular holiday.  We enjoy the ceremony of cooking, stuffing, basting, carving, and serving dinner to  a big… Continue reading The Duck Went Flying…

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Being Good Neighbors

Biographies are not my favorite books to read, but as soon as Maxwell King's biography of Mr. Rogers came out, I knew I would be reading it soon!  Watching Mr. Rogers was a special part of my day as a child, and as an adult with my children.  His segments on how things are made… Continue reading Being Good Neighbors

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A Thoughtful Book…

I recently read Debbie Macomber’s new novel, Cottage by the Sea. I reserved this book at the library as soon as I saw it on the new book list. I had to wait a bit to get it, but it was worth the wait. Debbie Macomber is one of my favorite writers, and this book… Continue reading A Thoughtful Book…

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Dale Dog and the Roses

In 1794, the poet Robert Burns said his love was like a red, red rose.   Dale agrees.  Mr. H. and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend, so I'll start with a story that happened the evening before our 31st Anniversary, less than a month after Dale had come to live with us. I was… Continue reading Dale Dog and the Roses

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Labor Day Thanks

It's the first Monday in September, which has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1894, to celebrate American Workers.  Before its creation, many workers worked 12-hour days, 7 days per week for basic living expenses, sometimes with children working in the factories also.  Traditionally, Labor Day is a relaxed day to either… Continue reading Labor Day Thanks

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Dale Explores the Pantry

This is another story from my dog journal.  It happened a little over a month after we got our big blind dog Dale from Atlanta Lab Rescue.  Mr. H. was out of town on 9/16/16, and daughter Lucy was still living at home.    Maggie, our elderly "mini-lab," still reigned supreme, sleeping upstairs with us,… Continue reading Dale Explores the Pantry

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Dale Goes to Jail… But He thinks He’s at Camp and Makes Some Art

Dale, the big blind Labrador, had been a naughty boy. Very naughty.  The Dog Mom needed a break from Dale.  So, Dale went to Jail.  It wasn’t actually Jail.  It was more like a three-week playdate with his dog-cousin Ivy, at our daughter Sarah’s house.  “Dale goes to Jail” was a bit of a family… Continue reading Dale Goes to Jail… But He thinks He’s at Camp and Makes Some Art

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Beach Reading? Nope…Texas Hill Country!

Right after school was out, I decided to bypass the electronic catalog and make a trip to my local library.  Usually, I just reserve books on line, then run in to check them out when they come in, but this day, I enjoyed looking at the displays and finding a new book series for the… Continue reading Beach Reading? Nope…Texas Hill Country!

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Friends Before Furniture (every time!)

There's a furniture store chain with a new ad campaign which starts with a young couple standing in their dining room complaining, "We can't have our friends over with this outdated furniture!," although it's their turn to host.  The ad follows with enticing deals and colorful photos of modern dining, living and bedroom furniture, then… Continue reading Friends Before Furniture (every time!)

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Father’s Day Family Reunion

When I was a little girl, Father's Day was a wonderfully exciting day!  As soon as church was over, the green wooden picnic basket packed with fried chicken or sliced ham, green bean casserole, potato salad, tiny pickles and many other good things to eat.  When I was very small, big sister Janice would make… Continue reading Father’s Day Family Reunion

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After Dinner Gardening and finding Hydrangeas

We enjoy the longer days of spring and summer with walks after dinner and sometimes, a little time in the backyard garden afterwards.  To make it work, I start the prep work for dinner ahead of time:  chopping vegetables, starting brown rice,  thawing chicken or fish, and picking any herbs we might need.  Once Mr.… Continue reading After Dinner Gardening and finding Hydrangeas

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Thrift Shopping and… Finding New Favorite Books

Many of my friends know I enjoy shopping at Goodwill and other thrift stores around town. I donate plenty of things to them as well. Years ago, I had some qualms about shopping there—was I taking from the needy with my fun treasure hunts? I no longer feel that way—it’s like a great recycling center,… Continue reading Thrift Shopping and… Finding New Favorite Books

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Roses and Mother’s Day Traditions

There are many celebrations of  motherhood around the world, going back even thousands of years. In the United States, “Mother’s Day” was first celebrated in 1908 at St. Andrews Methodist church in West Virginia, by Anna Jarvis to honor her own mother, Anna R. Jarvis, who addressed public health issues, and cared for injured soldiers on… Continue reading Roses and Mother’s Day Traditions

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Meeting my “Earth Day Deadline” with a little help…

  It is always my goal to have the garden planted, or at least, mostly planted by Earth Day, April 22.  My parents and grandparents always followed The Farmer's Almanac; perhaps this need to do so comes from their habits.   When the weather cooperates with lots of sun and a bit of rain in between,  we… Continue reading Meeting my “Earth Day Deadline” with a little help…

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Another Bend in the Road…

A few weeks before Easter, I heard it was happening again, another pair of friends are moving, not far, but about an hour, away.  We shouldn't be too surprised. "Downsizing" after your kids graduate is common in our area, as is moving to a favorite vacation spot (miss you already, Beck and Mike!) or returning… Continue reading Another Bend in the Road…

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Grandmother Irene and her Sewing Machine

The rocking treadle beneath Grandmother Irene's sewing machine was a fascinating place for a young granddaughter, perhaps especially because I knew she did not want me to sit or play on it.  It was always cool, even in those July days before air conditioning came to ordinary homes in the South.  Once upon a time,… Continue reading Grandmother Irene and her Sewing Machine

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When the Adult Child comes home to cook a birthday dinner… moo

The dogs bark, and want all of her attention, "Woof!  Yap!  Lucy, you came to see me...did you bring me snacky snacks?"  Dad, the honoree, who actually had the birthday a few weeks ago (this dinner is his gift), took them for a quick walk before cooking dinner.  Lucy delivered the groceries earlier that morning,… Continue reading When the Adult Child comes home to cook a birthday dinner… moo

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Mama’s Electric Skillet

Last week, a co-worker made Green Eggs and Ham, bringing cooking down to her students' eye-level by cooking it in her mom's old electric skillet, exclaiming to the other teachers afterwards how fun and easy the electric skillet was to use.  Green Eggs and Ham is  a popular dish for children in March, celebrating both… Continue reading Mama’s Electric Skillet

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Surprise! Career Day Speaker at the last minute, an exercise in fun flexibility…

My daughter Sarah, a eighth-grade language arts teacher, is the organizer of Career Day at her middle school, the Friday before Winter Break, a fun day of learning for the kids.  Every year, my family comes down to Statesboro to participate, daughter Lucy the hairstylist,, and Dad the civil engineer discussing everything from traffic… Continue reading Surprise! Career Day Speaker at the last minute, an exercise in fun flexibility…