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Just a friend…Or…

A Review of Falling for the Cowboy Dad, a novel by Patricia Johns…

“Heartwarming” is an excellent description of this book! I’m sure many readers can relate to Grace, the young teacher who thinks she isn’t slim enough, pretty enough or vivacious enough to attract the attention of Billy, her best friend since they were kids. From the first page, Grace felt like someone I knew, a caring person I would like to have as a friend. The book starts with Grace working a long-term substitute position back in her home town, hoping to land a permanent teaching position, a common problem for Early Childhood Teachers in big cities. She’s professional and cares about her students, although once she referred to them as “live wires,” one of my grandpa’s favorite expressions.

The secondary tales of Billy’s mother Heather, Grace and her mother and the tutoring sessions were very touching and reminded me that we don’t ever know the whole story. This would be an excellent book for anyone struggling with learning differences such as dyslexia. It reminded how it’s so easy to have misunderstandings, even when you’re close.

If you are looking for some lighter reading that just makes you feel happy and encouraged, this would be a great book for you.

Many thanks to Patricia Johns for allowing me to pre-read this book. These comments are my own, and not influenced by the author or publisher.

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