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Love that Multiplies!

A Review of Patricia Johns’ Her Twins’ Cowboy Dad

This was a very enjoyable book, especially the twins, Micha and Suzie, just as cute as in the picture on the cover, whose antics will have you laughing every time they’re on the page! The girls and their mother, Jane Marshall, have been summoned to the reading of their grandfather’s will, and their mother, Jane Marshall, hopes they will finally meet her recently-deceased, soldier-husband’s family.

Colt Hardin, her husband’s first cousin and childhood best friend, has also been summoned from managing his uncle’s Montana ranch, to hear the reading of the will, which should be pretty routine, as his Uncle Beau Marshall had said he would inherit the ranch he had worked on since he was a teenager, and managed as an adult. Colt doesn’t know who the attractive brunette with the rambunctious twins is, but once the lawyer reveals who they are and why they’re there, Colt sees the twins’ Marshall-family resemblance.

I would like to mention that this book starts with love…the author dedicates it to her husband. When I saw that, I had a sense that whatever the issues and problems were inside, this would be a positive book that would make me feel happy reading it.

Even though the adults in this book faced difficult issues of life, including grief, money issues, inheritance and dysfunctional families, they worked through the tough things. For all of us, step by step is how we get through life. My family had the practical joker who hid the fake poop beside the dinner table, embarrassing Sandy the ever-so proper family dog! The family is part of who you are, and the warm, fuzzy feelings about family get stronger every year.

Her Twins Cowboy Dad is a happy and hopeful book! I hope you will enjoy reading it too. Many thanks to Patricia Johns for an advance download of this book-these comments are all my own.

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