Labradors and Friends

Weekend with the Grand…Dogs!

The kids had friends getting married in north GA, so they drove up Thursday night to drop off the dogs. Ivy, the spotted older dog, is very used to staying at our house, and knows that her people always come back. Maxx, the yellow Lab, had only stayed at our house once before, and this was the first time he’s been left with us, so he became a little bit anxious.

The first night, the kids were staying at our house, so the suitcases came in, doggies had their dinner and a bit of playtime, then Ivy slipped upstairs to our daughter’s room (we occasionally call it “the guest room,” but it’s her’s!) while Maxx was playing some more. (He may be considered an adult, but Maxx is such a puppy!) Mr. H. and I had been falling asleep in our chairs before they came in (we still have some jet lag from our recent trip to Singapore), so it wasn’t much longer until lights out.

The kids left after lunch Friday (with trips to pick up a tuxedo and to the other daughter’s hair salon). Ivy was content with her bed pillow at the foot of ours–it had happened before and was not a big deal. Maxx knew he was supposed to be on his bed, and he would stay on it if I petted him there, but if I got up, Maxx got up. Maxx watched Mr. H brush his teeth. “Is everything OK? Where’s my people? I like you, but where are they?” We told Maxx everything was ok. Ivy kept snoozing. Maxx nested his nose in the closed door while I showered. When I got in bed, Maxx tried to climb in too. “No, Maxx. Down! On your bed!” Lights out. Maxx walked around, placing his chin on either side of our bed, looking for attention, then finally went to sleep, on his bed.

Our daughter called to check on Maxx Saturday morning-she knew Ivy would be just fine. They’d had a good time at the rehearsal and evening festivities, and were looking forward to the wedding that evening. We were going to a homecoming activity and a football game in the afternoon, followed by an evening gathering with our other daughter, who came by to care for the dogs. It was a busy day.

When we got home, tired and ready for bed, both dogs were happy to see us. They went outside quickly, as they usually do. We proceeded to move the dog beds upstairs, thinking they’d want to sleep in our room again. Ivy proceeded up the stairs and went to our daughter’s room. Maxx decided it was playtime! He went up the stairs and down the stairs, then Ivy was going up and down the stairs too, slowly. (They do not have stairs at their home.) Next we heard growling…they were play fighting in the downstairs!

“Maxx and Ivy, come upstairs! It’s time for bed!” Rumble, rumble, rumble, dogs run up the stairs, Maxx going into our room, Ivy to her usual spot, sans pillow, in daughter’s room. Ivy won’t come to our room, so I checked on her a few minutes later, and finally took her pillow in there. Maxx was stuck alone with us. He hovered again, trying to lick the shower clean a few minutes later. He settled quickly once the lights are out.

Sunday was very ordinary with the doggies. They went out, enjoyed their breakfast and Maxx played with his squeaky and his rope toy. We went to church, then Mr. H. went to a church meeting while I stayed with Maxx and Ivy until the kids came to pick them up.

Afterwards, I went to an adoption event for Atlanta Lab Rescue, the organization that brought us Maggie and Dale, whom I have written about before, with Mr. H. joining me later. I guess I enjoyed having the grand doggies over for the weekend!

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