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Magazines, Diaries, Dreams & Memories…

While flipping through a ladies magazine in a waiting room, I came upon one of those postage stamp-sized book reviews recommending The Light Within Me, by Ainsley Earhardt. A few weeks later, it popped up in the “What’s New?” section of my public library’s website, and I decided to try it. I knew Ms. Earhardt from Fox and Friends and knew that she had written two best-selling children’s books. I did not know she was from South Carolina, or that she had lived in San Antonio, Texas, one of my favorite places. I was interested in seeing what she had to say about her life as a television anchor and a working mom. One does not often read memoirs written by young mothers; memoirs seem to be more of a later-life writing activity.

This would be a great book for anyone with who is thinking about a career in broadcasting, especially if you’re coming from a faith-based background. This would also be a great book for a Christian teenage girl trying to decide what to do for a career, or for the Christian woman who has found herself facing divorce.

For me, this book reinforced the power of keeping a journal, as Ms. Earhardt did, and used as a basis for this memoir. When I was a third-grader, struggling with writing assignments after second grade at a less-challenging school, my teacher suggested a diary. I was intrigued by the diary’s lock and especially the key, dramatically securing it from prying eyes. (I doubt anyone at my house cared to snoop, but the idea of security was very important to me!) By Middle School and High School, I didn’t need a special cover, I used just an ordinary “Record” book from “The Book Store” on Marietta’s Square, a place I visited every week, while Mama had her “hair fixed” at Rosemary’s Beauty Salon. The two brothers who owned “The Book Store” were always kind to me, as their father had been with Mama when she was a child herself, always willing to chat about my favorite books and my assigned books, and recommending new books. I filled the inside covers of my journals with clip-art, and multiple doodles and drawings, as well as my daily writing. Occasionally, I would tape or glue in a small memento, writing about it in that day’s entry.

Today most of my writing is done on computers, with files for different subjects—dog stories, recipes, gardening, family memories, and many book reviews, some of which are posted for you to enjoy on this blog. Since reading Ms. Earhardt’s book, I’ve found myself writing in a composition book again, with a few bits of cheerful decorations on its cover. It travels from kitchen to workbag to suitcase, ready for quick thoughts. It’s not a diary, with an entry for each day, but sometimes the texture of pen and paper is just what I need to write. During a thunderstorm or on a crowded plane, it’s the perfect solution!

Happy journaling!

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