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The Wedding has been Celebrated! The “sewing factory” returns to “sewing suite,” and the baby bird has flown…

Most engaged couples of the past few years have had to wait. The brides and grooms scheduled for 2020 had to reschedule their nuptials, sometimes two or more times. Our youngest daughter Lucy and her Alex became engaged Fall of 2021, yet there just were not any openings in local event facilities. Every place they liked was booked. It was worth the wait, though. A lovely Winter wedding, a celebration with many friends, and in the words they used on their wedding website, “A Long Time Coming!”

Lucy and Alex were high school marching band friends. While Lucy was a student at Paul Mitchell The School, Alex came in for her to cut his hair (making his mom happy!). Shortly after, they started dating. After more than ten years, we all had a lot of fun as they made their commitment to each other.

The great thing for me about their long engagement was that there was plenty of time to sew. I was able to make a practice model of my mother-of-the-bride (MOB) dress, take the time to perfectly fit my MOB dress, then make a rehearsal dinner dress for Lucy and two flower girl dresses, made from my sister’s wedding gown. I will write these stories in other posts. For now, it’s nice to sew without a deadline. Sewing has returned to being just a relaxing enjoyable activity!

Shopping for a wedding gown was just too much fun, even with the changes that have happened to shops in the seven years since we shopped for my other daughter’s dress. The stores are a bit more spacious; the salespeople are younger and fewer–the grandmotherly ladies who were fit and style experts have retired; even the mega stores prefer to bring dresses to you rather than brides looking through the racks. We found the friendliest and most knowledgeable service at a smaller boutique, Carrie’s Bridal Collection in Chamblee, GA. The prices were great and the experience even better–and walking through the shop felt as if we were walking through clouds!

We were extraordinarily pleased with the event space they found, Monday Night Garage, on Atlanta’s Beltline. Although a bit gritty and warehouse-like on the exterior, the chandelier hall was spacious, with the chairs easily moved from the wedding area to nearby tables, converting the wedding area to a dance floor. And we danced all night, including a two year old Flower Girl with both of her grandmothers!

The officiants were both family friends, one had been our associate pastor since Lucy was two. The attendants were a mix of family and friends, dressed in burgundy for the bride and navy for the groom. The wedding guests were an assortment of young and old: Lucy and Alex’s friends, Alex’ family and friends, our friends and family, church friends (some of whom remember waiting for our daughters’ births). It was a great celebration and we all had a good time.

A funny thing happened that illustrates the connectedness of us all…right before the ceremony, Lucy was “hidden away” outside the event hall, in the public space before the processional. A customer took her picture (and offered to get her a drink) and sent the photo to his wife—“look at this bride waiting for the wedding to start.” The wife replied “that’s Lucy and Alex!” The couple are good friends of older daughter Sarah and her husband Brian, but out of context Lucy and the friend didn’t recognize each other. It really is a small world, even in Atlanta!

So my youngest daughter is all grown up and has “flown from the nest.” Were we good parents? They’re all good adults now, so maybe. It’s a lovely thing to watch them fly!

Congratulations to the happily wedded couple!

Angus posed in his tux but didn’t stay for the wedding!

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