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The Duck Went Flying…

Turkey is just not our favorite food for Thanksgiving, aside from a couple of family members being allergic to it.  We know it's traditional and we're "supposed" to like it, and it's just what you eat for that particular holiday.  We enjoy the ceremony of cooking, stuffing, basting, carving, and serving dinner to  a big… Continue reading The Duck Went Flying…

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Father’s Day Family Reunion

When I was a little girl, Father's Day was a wonderfully exciting day!  As soon as church was over, the green wooden picnic basket packed with fried chicken or sliced ham, green bean casserole, potato salad, tiny pickles and many other good things to eat.  When I was very small, big sister Janice would make… Continue reading Father’s Day Family Reunion

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When the Adult Child comes home to cook a birthday dinner… moo

The dogs bark, and want all of her attention, "Woof!  Yap!  Lucy, you came to see me...did you bring me snacky snacks?"  Dad, the honoree, who actually had the birthday a few weeks ago (this dinner is his gift), took them for a quick walk before cooking dinner.  Lucy delivered the groceries earlier that morning,… Continue reading When the Adult Child comes home to cook a birthday dinner… moo