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Flowers in Winter

Clockwise from top left: Lenten Rose, Christmas Cactus, orchid closeup and plant, rose mix, Lenten rose, amaryllis. Flowers are a simple thing that bring a lot of joy. When it’s chilly out, I enjoy looking for the first signs of Lenten roses, ducking their heavy heads below their sturdy leaves and a layer of pine… Continue reading Flowers in Winter

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Missing My Sister, My Heart Hurts

As a few of my readers know, my older sister passed away last month, due to COVID. She and her husband were immunized, so when she first got sick, she thought it was the flu. When they tested positive, they were told to go home and quarantine, which they did. When she called her physician… Continue reading Missing My Sister, My Heart Hurts

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A Review of… We Need to Hang Out

COVID has made both 2020 and 2021 strange times, with so many of us at home, others working harder, wearing masks, and getting by. We all miss seeing faces, smiles, and being with people. It's getting better now, with the vaccines, and I have enjoyed getting together with a few more people this summer, mostly… Continue reading A Review of… We Need to Hang Out


My Heart is Full

Ten fingers, ten toes, two eyes and ears, one mouth, and an itty bitty nose! Writing has not been very important to me lately. Even my husband has called me on it a few times...when often he says "So, are you sewing tonight?", today he reminded me that I need to "tell my stories." You… Continue reading My Heart is Full