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Reading, Cooking, Sewing and Walking the Dogs…Life in these Strange Times

In Atlanta, we’ve had about three and a half very strange weeks with strangely light traffic, grocery and big-box stores crowded with people wanting cleaning supplies, canned goods, and of course, the vanishing and reappearing toilet paper. Most schools and churches have been closed at least three weeks, college housing is closed, and friends are posting pictures of daughters in prom dresses, making the best of a cancelled event. Last week, the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo are cancelled, graduations are cancelled, and cases of Coronavirus continue to rise. The latest news is that Georgia schools and universities are cancelled through the end of this semester, although online teaching will continue. Church is online, and although watching at home with our coffee and slippers is different, it is a great comfort.

Here at the Hibbard House, we’ve been paying more attention to cooking, while trying to make only one trip to the store each week. I’ve made preserved lemons (recipe in 4/1/18 post “Adult Child”) to add to salads and soups, increasing our vitamin C, and some banana bread. Parsley has come up in the garden, and oregano is coming soon, making lovely relishes with a little olive oil and garlic. The puppies, Sally and Buffy, like the tasty smells and the additional walks they’re getting on sunny days. I’m sure they wonder why we are home so much.

I’ve been reading a lot, of course, and the last two weeks, I’ve been sewing. First I tried my hand at refashioning a dress into a duster, ripping out the front seam, then trimming the edges. The result was cute on a hanger, but I learned that the starting dress should have been oversized to make a layering piece, so that project went into the GoodWill bag. I’ve worked on patchwork denim project, strips which will soon be squares.

Next, I started working on my stash of fabrics, some which were actually my mother’s. Navy cotton with strawberries became a cute top and I’ve cut out some shorts with a trendy tied sash from blue and turquoise striped cotton that dates from my childhood. I’m looking forward to finishing those shorts!

This week, I’ve made masks, which has gone a bit slower than I thought it would. I’ve searched my mom’s sewing basket, looking for 1/4″ elastic needed for masks (unavailable in stores now) and found a cool measuring gage, copyright 1962, unused on its 40-cent priced card–I put it to work determining all those folds.

While going through the scrap bag, I found an unfinished child’s costume my mother-in-law had probably planned for one of her three granddaughters. I finished the neckline and arm openings, and it’s ready for the costume closet. Tomorrow I’ll finish the last masks I have supplies for, turn them in, and sew some more.

I better finish up, as it’s time to walk the dogs again. I hope you all stay well, stay safe and this virus ends quickly. I plan on some new book reviews, blended with personal stories as usual. I’ll be posting again soon.

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