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Tomorrow I pick up my vegetable box…

Last year we joined a CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture, joining with a bi-weekly plan. Every other week, starting in May, I go pick up a box in the next small town, the boxes gently tucked under an awning at a church to keep them cool. I often go with a neighbor, which makes for fun conversations in the car, and convenience if one of us picks up the box for the other.

If you live in Metro Atlanta, I recommend Riverview Produce CSA,, or connect with them on FaceBook at Riverview Farms Produce CSA.

I’m looking forward to yummy vegetables that I probably wouldn’t think to buy at the store, trying new recipes from the blog, and of course, cooking and sharing vegetables with my family. I wonder if I will take “still-life” photos of each of my boxes, as I did in 2018…I hope you enjoy my photo collage!

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