Family History

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day, a day of remembering, going to parades, waving flags, applying and reapplying sunscreen, listening to speeches and quietly giggling when you notice the person next to you nodding off, maybe going to the pool…

My favorite tradition is accompanying Mr. H. as he plays the tuba with Atlanta Concert Band at the National Cemetery during their observance. They said it was the hottest memorial day in 100 years, as they reminded everyone to drink plenty of water. Most of us who were watching crowded into the little bit of shade behind the enormous oak trees at the edges, trying to get a little cooler. I enjoyed listening to great patriotic music, seeing an old friend, and talking with others there to observe and remember.

Another favorite Memorial Day tradition is getting together with family and friends, maybe cooking out. We cooked out this evening with one daughter, and enjoyed seeing both earlier this weekend. Time with people you love is just something that can’t be beat!

I hope you had a blessed Memorial Day, full of good times with friends and family (and good food, of course!), taking time to remember those who worked and gave their all to keep our country strong.

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